Four dead in Sudan cargo plane crash

Posted 4 hours 45 minutes ago

A cargo plane crashed in Sudan on Monday shortly after taking off from Khartoum airport, killing four crew members, a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority said.

It is the fourth aviation accident in Sudan in two months.

“A cargo plane which is a Russian plane from the Ababel cargo company crashed. On board were four crew members who are dead and two corpses have been recovered so far,” spokesman Abdel Hafez Abdel Rahim said.

“The plane crashed at around seven this morning (local time),” he said.

“The whole plane blew up in a fireball as it lifted off,” one witness waiting at the airport said.

He said the left wing appeared to drop as the plane took off and that it crashed in wasteland on the edge of Khartoum airport.

Fire trucks rushed to the scene to put out the smoking wreckage, the witness said.

The plane, which was headed to the southern Sudanese capital of Juba, is the second cargo plane to crash in Sudan since Friday, when seven crew members were killed.AFP



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