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Pensioner struck by vehicle dies

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An elderly man has died after he was knocked down by a car in north Belfast on Tuesday.

The accident happened in Tennant Street at about 1125 BST.

The man was taken to hospital where he died on Wednesday.

The police have appealed to anyone who witnessed the incident to get in contact with them.

Published: 2008/07/23 14:52:23 GMT



Polish newborn dies after being thrown from window

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1 hour, 50 minutes ago

A newborn baby girl died after being thrown from a third-story window in the Polish capital, apparently by a drunken relative, police said Tuesday.

The baby was found Monday night, with the umbilical cord still attached, on the sidewalk beneath her family’s apartment block in Warsaw’s gritty Praga district, police spokeswoman Monika Brodowska said.

Rescuers rushed the baby to the hospital with multiple injuries, but she died soon after, she added.

Police established that the girl had been thrown from a third-floor apartment, but the occupants refused to let them in. Firefighters were called to help officers get in from the balcony, Brodowska said.

Brodowska said officers found a 34-year-old woman in the apartment, identified as Aneta W. Her “state of health signaled that she had just given birth.”

The woman was taken to a hospital. The other two people in the apartment — the woman’s mother, Lidia L., and husband, Zbigniew W., 40, were both detained.

They were not identified by last name, in keeping with Polish privacy laws.

The death is being treated as a murder, said Renata Mazur, a spokeswoman for regional prosecutors.

All three adults had large amounts of alcohol in their blood and prosecutors are waiting for them to sober up before questioning them to determine who threw the child out the window, Mazur and Brodowska said.


Kecelakaan di Tol Jagorawi, Satu Tewas

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Selasa, 15 Juli 2008 | 19:33 WIB

JAKARTA, SELASA – Ruas Tol Jagorawi dari Pasar Rebo ke Cibubur di Km.10+300 bahu jalan, sekitar menjelang gerbang tol Cibubur, Selasa (15/7) sore, padat merayap. Penyebabnya ada kecelakaan melibatkan dua kendaraan yaitu mobil operasional TNI Daihatsu Taft nopol B 8121-34 dan mobil truk Hino nopol B 9186 EB.

Kecelakaan tersebut mengakibatkan salah seorang penumpang di kendaraan Taft meninggal dunia di tempat kejadi perkara (TKP).

Informasi yang di terima dari Novianto, petugas Sentral Komunikasi Jasa Marga Jagorawi, korban  meningggal bernama Agus Tobing dan saat ini korban dibawa ke Rumah Sakit Polri Kramat Jati, Jaktim.

Akibatnya, arus kendaraan tersendat menjelang lokasi kecelakaan. Arah sebaliknya juga tersendat menjelang seberang lokasi kecelakaan. Pasalnya, para pengendara memperlambat laju kendaraan untuk melihat peristiwa tersebut. Untuk itu, kepada para pengguna jalan tol disarankan agar selalu tetap waspada dan berhati-hati. (Sonora/Aris)



Bronislaw Geremek, Who Helped End Communist Control of Poland, Is Dead at 76

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Published: July 14, 2008

Bronislaw Geremek, a pivotal figure in the fight to end Communist rule in Poland and one of the leading statesmen of the democratic era that followed, died on Sunday. He was 76.

Maciej Chmiel/European Pressphoto Agency

Bronislaw Geremek

He was killed in a car accident, Reuters reported, quoting the police in western Poland. The Associated Press said that Mr. Geremek’s wife died in 2004 and that he is survived by two sons.


In a lifetime of enormous achievement, Mr. Geremek’s greatest contribution may have been as one of the leaders of the round-table negotiations that helped pave the way for elections in 1989 that eventually brought the Solidarity movement to power, initiating a peaceful end to Communist control of Poland.

This negotiated change of power provided a template for other countries in the Warsaw Pact and, in the years since, far beyond. Mr. Geremek’s role in the talks made him one of the shepherds of what he himself called the “nonviolent passage from the totalitarian regime to democratic liberties.” Mr. Geremek later served as Poland’s foreign minister, from 1997 to 2000. At the time of his death he was a member of the European Parliament.

The very picture of the bearded, pipe-smoking academic, Mr. Geremek was a historian who specialized in medieval France.

His life, and the future of Poland, took a striking turn when he and Tadeusz Mazowiecki, a future prime minister, drove to Gdansk in August 1980 with a statement signed by 64 leading intellectuals in support of the striking workers at the famous Lenin Shipyard.

Lech Walesa, the leader of Solidarity, the independent trade union movement, asked them to stay and become advisers to the workers. The cooperation of intellectuals and workers was a key factor in making Solidarity such an unusually powerful force for change. Mr. Geremek was imprisoned for his efforts by the Communist government when martial law was imposed in December 1981.

The fall of the Berlin Wall provided such a potent, tangible symbol of the end of Communist hegemony in Eastern Europe that it has become easy to forget the leading role that the Solidarity movement in Poland played in breaking down the aura of invincibility of the authoritarian regimes of the Warsaw Pact. Solidarity ultimately paved the way for freedom and the integration into Western institutions of former Soviet satellites and even former Soviet republics.

In June 1989, after Solidarity’s strong showing in the elections that grew out of the round-table talks, Mr. Geremek said: “The winds of history have normally blown against us Poles. Finally they are blowing in our direction.”

When Solidarity entered Parliament the following month, Mr. Geremek was the movement’s parliamentary leader. Known as a pragmatist, he was someone who searched out compromise in difficult times. There was much uncertainty in the early years, whether it involved fears over a unified Germany or the attempted coup in the Soviet Union.

Born Jewish in Warsaw, Mr. Geremek survived the Holocaust, escaping from the Warsaw ghetto when he was 11 and remaining in hiding until the end of the war. His father died at Auschwitz.

Mr. Geremek joined the Communist Polish United Workers Party, but he resigned in protest in 1968 after the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

In an interview with The New York Times in 1998, Mr. Geremek said he had not considered leaving Poland during an anti-Jewish campaign in 1968. “If I don’t like the policy in my country,” he said, “I have to change it.”

Because of the political developments he helped to bring about, Mr. Geremek had the opportunity to take part in all-but-unimaginable changes for Poland, including negotiations to join the European Union when he was foreign minister. He served as head of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in 1998 and signed the documents that formally marked Poland’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

“Poland forever returns to where she has always belonged: the free world,” Mr. Geremek said at the ceremony marking the country’s entrance into NATO in Independence, Mo., in March 1999.

Timothy Garton Ash, the author of “The Polish Revolution: Solidarity,” met Mr. Geremek in 1980 at the birth of Solidarity, and they became friends. “He was one of the most important political brains of the end of Communism in Europe altogether,” Mr. Garton Ash said.

“He could be extremely statesmanlike and formal and awe-inspiring,” Mr. Garton Ash recalled in a telephone interview on Sunday. “He could also be extremely funny and irreverent and tell some very good jokes.”

Speaking with the columnist Anthony Lewis in 1988, Mr. Geremek said a book he had written on medieval France could not be published because Polish Communist authorities objected to but a single word in the whole work. Asked what the word was, he replied: “Geremek.”


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2 Orang Tewas, 5 Luka

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Senin 14 Juli 2008, Jam: 9:50:00  
DUA tewas dan lima lainnya menderita luka-luka akibat kecelakaan lalulintas di Jabodetabek, Minggu (13/7).Korban tewas yang dibawa ke RSCM: Chairul Anwar, 88, warga Jalan Cawang RT 04/05 Kelurahan Kebon Pala, Jakarta Timur, tertabrak mobil di Jalan RE Martadinata, Jakarta Utara.

Sedangkan korban luka yang dirawat di RSCM: Kiki Fathurahman, 23, warga Jalan Pasar Rumput RT 06/02 Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan, kecelakaan di Jembatan Dukuh Atas, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, dirawat di IGD, Lelaki tanpa identitas berusia sekitar 25 tahunan, kecelakaan di jembatan layang Tebet, Jakarta Selatan, dirawat di IGD, Andi haryanto, 21, warga Jalan Tabah RT 03/010 Grogol Selatan, Jakarta Barat, kecelakaan di depan Stasiun KA Tebet, dirawat di IGD.

Korban lainnya, Andi,20, warga Jalan Anggrek RT 01/02 Kelurahan Kelapa Dua, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat, kecelakaan di Jakarta Barat, dirawat di IGD, Jaelani Hamzah, 30, warga Jalan Kerajinan RT 03/09 Tamansari, Jakarta Barat, kecelakaan di Teluk Gong, Jakarta Utara, dirawat di IGD.

Korban tewas yang dibawa ke RSU Bekasi: Shanti, 40, warga Bekasi, kecelakaan tabrak lari di Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bekasi.

Jam besuk di RSCM: Pukul 11:00 – 12:30 dan Pukul 16:00 hingga pukul 18:30.

Jam besuk di RSU Bekasi: Pukul 11:00-12:00 dan Pukul 16:17:30.





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Tabrakan Karambol 4 Motor, 3 Tewas

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Monday, 14 July 2008
SURABAYA (SINDO) – Jalur Surabaya–Gresik kembali makan korban. Sabtu (12/7) malam lalu pukul 22.45 WIB, sebuah tabrakan karambol yang melibatkan empat motor terjadi di Jalan Tambak Osowilangun.

Tiga orang tewas, sementara empat orang luka. Tiga korban meninggal adalah Basri, 26, dan Enik Handayani,27,pasangan suami istri asal Jalan Bringin I, Temenggungan, Lamongan, yang kos di Jalan Tempel Sukorejo I Surabaya; dan Puji Kurniawan, 22, warga Jalan Tambak Osowilangun I/2.Basri meninggal seketika di lokasi kejadian. Dia mengalami luka parah di kepala bagian kiri.Sementara Enik,meninggal saat dalam perjalanan ke RS Semen Gresik. Sedangkan Puji meninggal saat menjalani perawatan di IRD RSU dr Soetomo Surabaya. Empat korban luka adalah Ari Widhiyanto, 27, warga Jalan Surabayan I/19; Agus Prianto, 22,warga Jalan Tambak Osowilangun II/20A; Fathurohman, 21, Jalan Jambu 4E/112 Tambak Sumur,Waru Sidoarjo; dan M Irfan Rofi,23, Jalan Tambak Osowilangun Timur X/28 Surabaya.

Kasat Lantas Polres Surabaya Utara AKP Kasiani mengatakan, pihaknya masih menyelidiki kronologis persisnya kecelakaan karambol yang melibatkan empat motor tersebut. Pihaknya masih kesulitan menghimpun keterangan saksi di tempat kejadian perkara (TKP).

“Kejadiannya malam dan di tempat itu sepi. Sehingga keterangan yang kami dapat masih sedikit.Jika korban luka yang masih menjalani perawatan di RS ini sudah membaik, baru akan kami periksa untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang kecelakaan tersebut,” tandasnya. Dia menambahkan, polisi juga akan segera menguruskan asuransi bagi korban meninggal.

Kanit Laka Satlantas Polresta Surabaya Iptu Sukar W menjelaskan,menurut hasil oleh TKP sementara diketahui, tabrakan maut tersebut bermula ketika motor Yamaha Vixion L 5755 VF yang dikendarai Fathurohman berboncengan dengan M Irfan Rofi melaju kencang dari arah Barat ke timur, atau dari Gresik ke Surabaya. Mereka berkejaran dengan Agus Priono yang berboncengan dengan Puji Kurniawan mengendarai motor Honda Mega Pro L 4162 WJ.

Saat sampai di Jalan Tambak Osowilangun, tepatnya sekitar 500 m sebelah barat terminal, Fathurohman berusaha mendahului Agus. Saat berusaha saling mendahului, setir mereka berbenturan,hingga motor oleng tidak bisa dikendalikan lagi.

Tragisnya, dari arah berlawanan, atau dari arah Surabaya melaju motor Honda GrandL2197NA yangdikemudikan Basrin berboncengan dengan istrinya, Enik Handayani. Karena jarak sudah dekat, sementara kecepatan motor cukup tinggi, Basrin tidak bisa mengendalikan motornya.

Dia pun langsung menghantam motor Agus dan Puji. Akibatnya, keempat penumpang motor ini terpental dan terhempas di atas badan jalan beraspal.Begitu juga nasib Fathurohman dan Irfan. Tak berakhir di situ. Saat itu, dari belakang Basrin melaju motor L 2103 TT yang dikemudikan Ari Widhiyanto dengan kecepatan tinggi.

Ari juga tidak bisa menghindar dan motornya langsung menghantam motor Basrin yang ada di depannya.Kontan Ari ikut terpental dari atas motornya. Begitu terdengar suara benturan keras dan beruntun itu, Pak No, seorang tukang tambal ban yang ada di sekitar tempat kejadian langsung terbangun dari tidurnya.

Dia melihat tujuh orang bergelimpangan di jalan dengan luka cukup parah. Melihat itu, dia segera menghubungi warga lain yang dilanjutkan ke polisi. “Saya tidak tahu kejadian pastinya. Saat itu saya tidur dan bangun setelah mendengar suara tabrakan,” aku Pak No.

Selang beberapa saat, polisi datang,termasuk Kasat Lantas Polresta Surabaya Utara AKP Kasiani. Saat itu Basrin sudah tewas di tempat, sedangkan Enik meninggal dalam perjalanan menuju RS Semen Gresik dan langsung dirujuk ke Kamar Mayat RSU dr Soetomo. Sementara Puji masih sempat menjalani perawatan beberapa saat di IRD RSU dr Soetomo Surabaya, sebelum akhirnya menghembuskan napas terakhirnya. Empat korban luka lainnya dilarikan ke RS Semen Gresik untuk mendapatkan perawatan.

Basrin dan Enik Dikubur Satu Liang

Setelah menjalani autop- si, jenazah Basrin dan Enik langsung dilarikan ke Lamongan. Sekitar pukul 10.00 WIB kemarin, keduanya dimakamkan di pemakaman Islam Kelurahan Temenggungan, Lamongan. Nurul Hidayah, kakak sepupu Enik saat ditemui di rumahnya Jalan Tempel Sukorejo gang I/127 Surabaya mengatakan bahwa Basrin dan Enik dikuburkan satu liang.

“Saya baru saja datang dari Lamongan,” kata Nurul, sambil mengatakan bahwa saat kejadian tersebut Enik tengah mengandung enam bulan anak keduanya. Sedangkan anak pertamanya, Erin Pratiwi Tambura yang masih berusia satu tahun, ikut bersama ibu Enik di Lamongan.

“Setiap Sabtu sore atau malam Enik dan suaminya selalu pulang ke Lamongan untuk melihat anaknya. Biasanya mereka membawa susu, popok,dan kelengkapan bayi lainnya, termasuk malam kemarin. Saya juga melihat Enik sering gelisah,”lanjut Nurul. Nurul menambahkan, Enik mengajar di SDN VI Tempel Surabaya dan sebuah Taman Pendidikan Alquran.

“Jelas sekolahan akan sangat kehilangan Enik,” tambah ibu dua anak ini. Sejak lulus dari IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya 2004, Enik ikut dengan Nurul. Namun, setelah menikah dengan Basrin yang bekerja di pertokoan Sinar Young, Enik memilih kos sendiri tak jauh dari rumah Nurul. Meski demikian, hampir tiap hari Enik masih berkunjung ke rumah Nurul. Nurul juga menyebutkan, sehari sebelum kejadian tersebut dia sudah merasa ada tanda-tanda aneh.

Saat itu tiba-tiba gelas yang ada di meja ruang tamu terjatuh dan pecah dengan sendirinya. “Saya tidak tahu apakah saat itu kaki saya menyenggol meja atau tidak.Namun, sejak itu saja mulai resah dan khawatir,”tandasnya. (lutfi yuhandi)

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Ajal Menjemput Saat Mau Daftar Ulang

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Sabtu, 12 Juli 2008 | 20:22 WIB


JAKARTA, SABTU – Maksud hati mau melakukan registrasi ulang tahun ajaran baru sekolah, apa daya ajal malah menjemput. Nasib sial itu dialami Hadi Kurniawan (14) warga Gang berkah 5 RT 11/RW 09 Sunter Jaya, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara.  


Peristiwa mengenaskan itu terjadi, Sabtu (12/7), ketika ia berangkat menuju sekolahnya di SMPN 152 Sunter.. “Saya mengetahui kejadian tersebut setelah guru di mana anak saya bersekolah datang ke rumah dan memberi informasi bahwa anak saya mengalami kecelakaan sewaktu berangkat menuju sekolah”, cerita David, ayah korban.  


Menurut David, tidak ada tanda-tanda atau firasat apapun sebelumnya. “Semua berjalan normal seperti hari biasanya, tidak ada firasat dan tanda-tanda apapun”, kata David saat ditemui di Instalasi Pemulasaraan Ienazah Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat Cipto Mangunkusumo. 


I nformasi yang didapat oleh keluarga dari saksi yang berada di tempat kejadian perkara (TKP), anaknya terjatuh dari mobil pikap yang ditumpaginya bersama teman-teman satu sekolahnya. Hadi lalu tertabrak mobil yang sedang berada di belakang pikap itu. “Namanya juga ABG, jadi kebiasaan menumpang di bak mobil pikap masih sering terjadi”, ujar Windarto, sepupu korban.  


Hadi Kurniawan merupakan Sulung dari dua bersaudara, buah pasangan David (44) dengan Nurhayati (35). Hadi yang baru saja menyelesaikan kelas dua dan hendak melakukan registrasi untuk kelas tiga sekolah lanjutan tingkat pertama (SLTP) mengembuskan nafas terakhir pukul 08.00 di Rumah Sakit Putra, Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat.(C11-08)


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